Crocodile trophy (June and July only) & government fees included

Hunter can take 3 of the animals under the list at the applicable trophy and government fees listed below (subject to quota and permit availability).

How we hunt crocodile in C10

We go down to the river that is tidal controlled by the ocean so your peak hunt time would be 4-5 hours a day when crocodiles bask in the sun at low tide. We sleep over in a tented fly camp for at least a night maybe two. Paddle up and down the river to spot them.  We use a large dug out canoe (local name is a Makoro) then we get out stalk and shoot.

Weather permitting, we may be able to go to another river further south on the same principle but may also use a motorized rubber duck and here we can bait for the crocs but this depends on the weather and rains.  Travel is by car and by the 8-wheel Argo.

All travel to crocodile hotspots are in total about 4 hours and 6 hours but can hunt all the way there and back so no real time lost in hunt terms.

Daily rates, trophy and government fees, professional hunter, accommodation, all meals, local drinks, camp staff, trackers & skinners, field preparation of trophies, land transport within the area, rifle permit, hunt license, community taxes, meet & greet at Beira/Pemba airport and VAT.

Reedbuck common Bushpig Warthog
Chobe Bushbuck Duiker Red Duiker Blue
Duiker Grey Suni Oribi
Grysbuck Baboon Impala
  • Second rifle permit
  • Charter Option Beira – C10 – Beira
  • C10 – shipper collection
  • We will endeavour to charter share clients to share the cost depending on your dates
  • Transport to and hotel accommodation before and after safari at clients cost
  • Second Argo per day
  • Client’s responsibility to obtain VISA from his own country and the countries in transit
  • Sanitary/veterinary certificate payable at the end of the safari per animal to be shipped
  • Rifle hire
  • Ammunition

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