We at Marromeu Safaris adhere to the fair chase philosophy.

The ‘’Fair Chase‘’ philosophy is described as the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit of free-ranging wild game animals in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animal. As such, there is no assurance of certainty as to the success of your safari when success is measured in terms of the number or species of animals taken.

Unpredictable factors that play on success are many and include, but are not limited to, the time of season, the ability and fitness of the hunter, the availability of food and water, climatic changes, migratory patterns, human influences such as poaching, bush fires, drought conditions and old fashioned luck.

We believe it is important that our clients subscribe to this same “fair chase” philosophy and are proud of the way in which hunts are conducted measuring the success of any safari by the quality and the thrill of the chase, the unique atmosphere of the African bush, and the people, animals, sights, smells and sounds that you encounter while you are participating in your hunt with us.

Clients need to be reasonably fit, willing to walk to seek your intended trophy. Marromeu Safaris will ask you to accept the judgment of your Professional Hunter when it comes to trophy quality.

The Professional Hunters of Marromeu Safaris will endeavor to provide you opportunities to shoot top quality trophies in a fair manner.

Marromeu Safaris will have the maximum respect for the natural resources entrusted to us and we urge our clients and friends to collectively share the full responsibility of being simply the custodians of the nature gift to mankind.

All people involved or participating in a hunt must again collectively share the responsibility to promote the ethics of sport hunting and the laws of Mozambique.

Marromeu Safaris gently informs our clients that firearms must be unloaded while onboard of any vehicle.

Maximum effort shall be made to track and follow all wounded animals.

There should be minimum waste of the meat of trophy animals as Marromeu Safaris is fully committed to distribute the meat to the neighbor communities

The Professional Hunter is responsible for interpreting, implementing and observing all Mozambican laws and Marromeu Safaris rules and policies.

The Professional Hunter must not be pressured to deviate from the laws of Mozambique and Marromeu Safaris rules and policies.

Only aged animals can be collected and Professional Hunters are responsible for making this determination.

Observers may not shoot animals on a hunting client’s license.